Bitcoin, Pot Ripe for Congressional Action

Let’s all rewind our minds 10 years. Picture it, 2004, where were you? Now re-read this article title…

Times have changed my friends. This is Bloomberg, mind you, not Infowars. The message is spreading, word is getting out. Present day nullification is in full effect. States are rallying around the calls of their constituents. Whether it is marijuana use or free market currency, people are demanding independence from tyranny. It is starting to go mainstream, and it is beautiful…


From Bloomberg…

Bitcoin and marijuana are among the issues on which Congress should provide clarity — though probably won’t this year — Rep. Jared Polis says.

“In general, it’s better for Congress to reasonably consider these things and provide a uniform statutory approach rather than a haphazard approach from the administration,” Polis, a Colorado Democrat, said at a Bloomberg Government breakfast in Washington today. “Whether that happens or not is more of a challenge; it’s a challenging environment for lawmaking.”

In the absence of congressional action, the rise of digital currencies such as bitcoin and state-legalized marijuana sales have forced federal regulators to try to apply laws enacted before their existence to nascent industries.

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